NFT platform BORED APE

At the moment, making money on the Internet has become quite popular, since every new year more and more new technologies and updates come into our lives, which can greatly change absolutely the whole life of a person. One of the ways to make money at the moment is to buy various NFT pictures and characters. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows what it is, how to make money on it, and that in general there are even different platforms for buying these NFT images and characters.
But in order to begin to understand what it is, first you need to define NFT.
NFT is an absolutely unique information code or a product that was created on the basis of cryptocurrency, and we must not forget that NFTs are absolutely not interchangeable and NFT cannot be transferred to any other token or be completely removed. Also, when buying an NFT, he must provide a special certificate that will confirm the complete uniqueness and uniqueness of any digital object, that is, he thus confirms that a particular user of the platform owns a digital object.
Speaking a little differently, we can say that buying an NFT product is sometimes very similar to the same purchase of an expensive painting, that is, according to the documents, it will always belong to you, but this right also allows you to put any product on sale or on public display.Well, it is also worth noting that this certificate allows any user of the Internet or any platform at absolutely any time to take a picture of this information product or use its copy on the Internet

NFT platform BORED APE

The BORED APE NFT platform is currently quite popular and is only gaining momentum. This information product is a pretty picture with a cartoon monkey on it. They have a fairly large number of different variations, they may differ:

  • Headdress.
  • Cloth.
  • The background.
  • Wool color.
  • Earring in ear.

And much more. And it is these details that give value to these NFT pictures, since some elements can be very rare.
Despite the fact that this BORED APE NFT platform is the market leader at the moment, however, it appeared not so long ago, because only the first collection was launched in April 2021, but since then the total sales volume has been more than 1.4 billion dollars. Also, these monkeys are quite popular among famous people and bloggers, who usually put them on their profile picture or make it part of their video. So there is absolutely no need to worry about their future value.

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