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The Art Blocks project is a cryptocurrency platform based on the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. It provides collectors around the world with programmable and generated NFT images (unique and unrepeatable on request). This is done using a special software random (random) NFT – a process by which the user creates an NFT, but does not know in advance what he gets in the end.

It’s safe to say that this project is revolutionary in digital art, in particular in the NFT environment.

In August 2021 alone, the value of sold digital art objects created by users on the Art Blocks platform exceeded $ 600 million. In terms of NFT sales, this project outstripped all other NFT platforms in the world combined. In secondary markets, Art Blocks projects such as Tyler Hobbs’s “Fidenza” series are generating millions of dollars in NFT.

Headquarters of the project and the company – the principal of Art Blocks Ltd. is located in the USA, Texas. Postal address PO Box 146, Marfa, TX 79843. Contact information: [email protected].

How to Trade NFT Art Blocks Tokens

The best place to view, buy and sell them is to go to the Art Block on the cyber auction platform” OpenSea “. Here the user can select a specific menu in order to find the section of interest by thematic filters. After the “Chromie Squiggle” option (adaptation and extension of browser properties) is selected, the user can continue to search and filter objects of interest based on characteristics and traits that he wants to find.

The Art Blocks Ecosystem NFT project doesn’t just showcase and sell digital auto-generative art – it contains the artist’s own script and then allows collectors to interact with the script to end up with a shared unique result. The result is the work of art itself, full of random variables, making it different, unique from all others. Those. when creating a digital art object even by several participants, none of them can imagine the final appearance of the received NFT token in advance.

Pricing and cost of NFT tokens

When pricing objects generated on the platform art blocks , in addition to key characteristics, collectors also paid attention to the color gamut, spatial expansion, as well as the number of NFTs put into circulation (emissions). The price of each NFT depends on many factors, sometimes just random ones. Often, the price of the NFT token art block reviews , which authoritative people say about, can exceed the initial one in tens and even thousands of times

For example, the well-known NFT project “Fidenza” fell in June 2021 to the level of 0.17 ETH (about $ 400) and was sold out in 28 minutes only because of one tweet … Since then, their value has rapidly increased several times.

Here are some illustrative examples from sales statistics art blocks nft at “OpenSea “:

  1. NFT @Fidenza # 284 sold for 7.5 ETH ($ 23,400) on July 13th, sold again on July 19th for almost 18 ETH ($ 56,200) ) and then sold again on July 24 for 20 ETH (about $ 62,500). It is currently trading at 215 ETH ($ 672,500).
  2. Another Fidenza NFT token was sold in December 2021 for 777 ETH ($ 2.4 million) from Kevin Rose, partner at True Ventures and co-founder of Digg .

Completing this review one can draw a simple conclusion that few others really presents what opportunities digital art has, including in the form of NFT. These are not just virtual models, but full-fledged digital assets, often having a value of millions of dollars, similar to how paintings by Malevich or Kandinsky were assessed at the beginning of the 20th century.


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