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Crypto Punks Platform Features

Crypto Punks Platform Features

Company crypto pank is a modern blockchain project that remains at the top popularity for a long time. Initially, the company decided to create a unique system where the tokens will be completely free, it will only be necessary to deposit funds in the form of a commission. Over time, the collection has grown in value, now each of its lot can turn into a fortune.

Unique project

Crypto Punk is a completely unique take on digital art. It was originally planned for free distribution, but now each image costs several thousand dollars. In fact, these are small 24 x 24 pixel drawings that are collected by amateurs.

The peculiarity of cyberpunk nft is that it really is an image of a variety of punks. These are men and women, they differ in skin color, style and original hairstyles, hats. Each punk has a unique design, which ensures its value in the digital market.

These non-fungible tokens were originally created for fun and fun. 10 thousand pieces were produced, after which production was stopped. The quantity has remained fixed until now, which is why the cost is regularly increasing.

CryptoPunk may have up to 7 attributes or not have them at all, the latter are considered the most valuable and rare, one of these tokens was sold for a price of more million dollars.

Unique investment

Currently, one image costs from 100 thousand dollars. Its price rises regularly. This is a real achievement for the company. Experts note that such an investment will certainly be profitable, because these tokens have already entered the digital history and they will retain their uniqueness.

Larva Labs deserves a separate review. This is an American studio that really is engaged in a separate niche, it is a digital platform that deals with art. In fact, simple eight-bit pictures with their own characteristics and arguments have become exclusive tokens in demand all over the world.

It is worth imagining that investment can be not only in expensive crypto-banks, which are sold out and offered at auctions at a crazy price, but also in new projects. Thanks to a detailed study of the platform and the help of specialists in the field of cryptocurrency, everyone can develop their own unique investment strategy and take advantage of the unique field of digital art. This is a relatively new direction that could be the beginning of impressive success with a rational investment of money.

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