For cat lovers – Cool Cats NFT

Cool Cats is an Ethereum based collection of 9999 randomly generated NFTs. The project and the surrounding community have grown significantly since its launch in July 2021, and the project is often seen as one of the blue chip NFTs of 2021 in its early stages.
1st Generation Cool Cats is limited to 9999 originally released cats, all of which are randomly assembled from over 300,000 feature combinations: unique body, face, hat and outfit.
There are 66 “super rare” cats that are completely unique. The rest of the Cool Cats are all blue with multiple costumes such as knight helmets, TV heads, chef hats and so on. Cats with finished outfits are considered the rarest or coolest. For example, a cool cat in a fully assembled pirate costume is considered cooler than a cat with a pirate body and a hat on his head.
The Cool Cats project was founded by 4 pseudonymous contributors with an interest in art and cryptocurrency.
Of the 9,999 cool cats in the collection, 4 cats were reserved for employees (one for each). 100 were reserved for future competitions and airborne assaults.
Since the Cool Cats NFT release date in July 2021, Cool Cats have been sold over 22,000 times in secondary markets.

Benefits of Owning Cool Cats NFT

The Cool Cats project claims to return 20% of all ETH collected from the primary and secondary markets to the Cool Cats community through contests and sweepstakes.
Cool Cat owners also receive limited edition Cool Cat related NFTs every month.The Cool Cats roadmap is currently set for Q2 2022. It includes a wide range of ambitious additions to the Cool Cats project, such as tokens, adventurer guilds, a voting platform, and a “top secret project.”
There is limited information about the creatures in the Cool Cats ecosystem, but they appear to possess some combination of Cool Cat traits.

$MILK Token

The Cool Cats team has announced that all Cool Cats holders will be sent a $MILK token. It serves as the currency used in the Cool Cats ecosystem. It is rumored to serve as some kind of betting function or as a currency in the yet-to-be-released Cool Cats metaverse. Preliminary designs for this metaverse have been posted on Discord and Twitter.
The Milk collaboration is essentially just free NFTs sent to Cool Cats owners.
Cool Cat airdrops are distributed randomly – the only way to qualify is to keep Cool Cats in your wallet. However, it is suggested that certain specific Airdrops can only be granted to wallet addresses that meet certain criteria, such as how long a cool cat can be held.
The weight and momentum of the Cool Cats NFT project, like all other NFT projects, comes from its dynamic and active community, which can be found on the Cool Cat Discord and all over cryptocurrency-related Twitter.

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