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Bitrue crypto exchange reviews

The “Bitrue crypto” is a modern digital exchanging platform. It’s among TOP-50 crypto currencies exchanges of the World.  Was founded by Canadian citizen but originated from Singapore in 2017. Initially it was only small hi-tech start-up firm. Nowadays Bitrue operating more than 200 crypto and fiat currencies with average value estimated up to hundred million of US dollars. Bitrue as the Coinmarketcap assumed has 1.5 billion dollars daily turnover.

Also the Bitrue exchange is official partner of the other famous crypto project- Ripple Labs (San Francisco). Token XRP native currency of Ripple used for base transferring, exchange operations on block chain ecosystem of Bitrue supporting ERC 20 and PoS protocols.

Additionally the Bitrue has own native token – BTR. Bitrue token generally used for internal service operations only, for cross – crypto chains (bridge) settlements, for example.

The main customer platform options including:

  • trading  and crypto to crypto coins exchange  operations
  • trading and exchange  operations between crypto and more  than 100 fiat  currencies
  • “cold” crypto wallet  service
  • staking  and lending option for long term investors and traders

For customers convenience Bitrue exchange offering mobile applications which can be load from Google Play and Apps.

Main features of Bitrue crypto exchange

The key attractive facts and features of Bitrue exchange and it services are as follows:

  1. Date of project launched in customer full operations – July of 2017
  2. The main founder: Curtis Wang
  3. Day average trading value (in middle amount): around 1.6 -2 million dollars (Coinmarketcap Bitrue assumption)
  4. Total operating crypto currencies: 445
  5. Quantity of crypto and fiat currencies traded and operated: 862
  6. Decentralization platform: not available yet
  7. Fees for customers top up account: not prescribed
  8. Fees for users accounts withdrawals: depends on sum requested
  9. Platform traded currencies: only crypto (ETH, BTC, XRP etc.)
  10. Market tech analysis instruments and apps: yes
  11. Marginal trading: Not acceptable
  12. KYC user authentication protocol: Yes
  13. Demo-version of trading platform: No
  14. API option: yes
  15. Model of 2 factor account authorization: Yes
  16. Mobile version and applications: iOS and Android
  17. Technical and customers support:  on line 247, usually without delay
  18. Clients Services language support: English, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  19. Location of head office and place of registration: Singapore
  20. Official web-site:

Fees and trading conditions

In general order the Bitrue exchange implementing the customer demands adaptive politics for established trade commission and other fees.

Minimal commission – 0.098% applies for trading orders and deals with XRP, ETH and Tether (USDT) tokens. The middle level commissions – up to 0.2% applies for the most trading crypto currencies like that  BTCUSD,  BTC EUR  etc.

Withdrawal fees limited up to 0.0005 BTC equivalent sums for each customer’s order.

In this overview the answer for question how to trade in Bitrue may answered that all instructions available on the official site of trading platform. There are many detailed info about all trading tips and Bitrue experience reviews of professional traders especially adopted for crypto market newbies.

In conclusion of this brief Bitrue review necessary add that this crypto platform have strong reputation as the one of the safe and reliable exchange services. This approved by only the fact that no any of hikers attack was successful since the Bitrue foundation.

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